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A warm thank you..

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First and foremost to students, teachers, friends and neighbours in Nigeria. You taught me valuable lessons on laptops, volleyball, religion and life in general. It is a strange world wherein I now capitalise on our many talks by writing texts like this.

To Lotte and Thorbjørn, John, Inge and Karina, friends and family, who supported and vitalised the author through all these years, and went without him on too many occasions.

To Leif at TDM and the other Danes who volunteered their time and effort trying to do a good thing while openly including me in the process. I greatly enjoyed our many talks and take with me many new insights and experiences.

To my supervisor Peter for inspiring debates, guidance and support; to my colleagues at the Centre for STS studies ( for the same; and to Aarhus University for funding, facilitation and opportunity.

To the many people who helped me learn about OLPC: Christoph, Sdenka, Eleazar, Kiko, Manuel, Anita, David, OLPC News/Talks and numerous others.

Lars Bo Andersen, Århus, 2013

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